Walker ES Students Learn About Bullying from Crestview HS Leadership Class

The Crestview High School Leadership Class came to Walker Elementary School recently to conduct a Bullying Skit and speak with the third, fourth, and fifth graders about bullying.  

Walker’s Guidance Counselor Alicia Humphrey contacted Leadership Teacher Stephanie Sanders about conducting a bullying program for the elementary students.

“I felt like the younger students would respond to their older peers more than they would to me or another adult speaking to them,” Humphrey shared.  “They listen to their teachers throughout the day and don’t need another direct instruction lesson on top of that. The students were so attentive and responded very positively to the skit as well as the classroom sessions.”

Leadership students collaborated to put together a skit approximately ten minutes in length.  The theme of the skit went along with the age old fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood.  At the end of the skit, the older students broke out into singing and dancing to a current song deemed appropriate for a bullying topic.  They mingled amongst the younger audience urging them to get up and move to the music.

Afterwards, classes returned to their respective classrooms where two or three leadership members joined them to discuss types of bullying and ways to make a difference in putting a stop to it before it becomes a problem.  They encouraged discussion among the younger classmates and promoted a more positive interaction with peers.

“Mrs. Sanders was pleased with her students’ performance and interaction with the elementary students.  She is eager to work with this again next school year and wanted to take back ideas for improvement,” said Humphrey.