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Okaloosa Schools Academic Tournament

Each year high schools from Okaloosa County go head-to-head in a double elimination format academic tournament. These standout students who represent their school display their knowledge of math, science, history, fine arts and literature, pop culture, and more to determine the tournament champion. Representatives from each team are then chosen to go on and represent the county as the Okaloosa County Academic Team.

2023 Academic Tournament Season

Participating Schools and Coaches:

Participating Schools and Coaches:

  • Baker High School - Beverly Bourke

  • Choctawhatchee High School - Carol Bernich for Elizabeth Crandall

  • Crestview High School - Erika Kennedy

  • Collegiate High School - Courtney Conn

  • Ft. Walton Beach High School - Aurelia Bunescu

  • Niceville High School - Justin Reichard

  • Rocky Bayou Christian School - Michael and Julie Mosley

Host and Moderator:

Stella Verzwyvelt

Okaloosa Academic Team Coordinator, Timekeeper, and Scorekeeper:

Lisa Nall

Chief Judges/ Final Decision on All Things Official:

  • Nathan Cook

  • Nathan Fiorino

  • Terry Wade

  • Iric Bernal Zellar

2023 Matches:

Match 1

Fort Walton Beach vs Choctaw

Match 2

Baker vs Rocky Bayou

Match 3

Crestview vs NWFSC Collegiate

Match 4

Niceville vs Fort Walton Beach

Match 5

Crestview vs Baker

Match 6

Crestview vs Niceville

Match 7

NWFSC Collegiate vs. Rocky Bayou

Match 8

Choctaw vs. Rocky Bayou

Match 9

Collegiate vs. Fort Walton Beach

Match 10

Niceville vs. Rocky Bayou

Match 11

Niceville vs. Fort Walton Beach

Match 12: Championship Match

Niceville vs. Collegiate

Students holding trophy

Congratulations, Collegiate High School, 2023 Okaloosa County Academic Tournament Champions!

Pictured left to right: Aiden Black, Senior, Jackson Brazil, Senior, Cara Delemarre, Junior, Jake Maher, Junior, Cannon Whitney, Senior, Zachary Freeman, Senior, and Kaitlyn Rojas, Senior


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