Sarah Baldwin, CHOICE HS, Scores Perfect Score on Microsoft Office Specialist PowerPoint 2010

The Academy of Medical Administrative Technology (AMAT) program, offered at CHOICE High School in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, is a two-year program that gives students (high school and adults) who are interested in working in the administrative area of the health care field the opportunity to gain a broad knowledge of all aspects of a medical office.  Students learn medical terminology and current medical administrative skills integrated with Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint while emphasizing business ethics, customer service and employment skills.

Through the AMAT program, qualified students are given the opportunity to take the Microsoft Office 2010 practical industry certification exams for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint—extremely challenging exams that validate the skills needed to be proficient in the software.  Sarah Baldwin, a student in the AMAT program at CHOICE High School, earned her Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 certifications for Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Not only did Baldwin pass her certifications, she earned a perfect score of 1000 on the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) PowerPoint 2010 certification exam. Earning a perfect score on the PowerPoint certification exam, she is eligible to participate in Certiport’s 2013 MOS United States National Championship Competition to be held in Park City, Utah this summer.  With these industry certifications, Baldwin will be able to demonstrate a higher skill level and IT competencies that adds value to her resume when applying for a position in the medical field or her college resume.

Baldwin is working toward earning her Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) certification and will be returning to finish the AMAT program in the fall.  She also plans to attend college after graduating from high school and will use her AMAT and CMAA knowledge along with her MOS certifications to begin her career in the medical world. 

When asked about Baldwin, Rhonda Larson, AMAT instructor, said, “I am very proud of Sarah.  She has worked extremely hard this year and has accomplished so much.  She is a wonderful young lady, and I feel certain she will be success in the medical field and make an outstanding employee.”

Earning a perfect score on an industry certification is something to be proud of!

Congratulations Sarah!