Pryor Holds Survivor Orientation For Incoming Sixth Graders

Pryor Middle School’s Pirate Krewe recently held a new student orientation for incoming sixth grade students. Modeled after the reality television show Survivor, this year’s orientation included small group sessions that allowed the new sixth grade students time to talk with the Pirate Krewe members about life as a middle school student. A scavenger hunt gave students the opportunity to become familiar with the school campus and a locker hall game allowed them to work on their combination lock skills.

Thirty-six of the eighth grade student members of the Pirate Krewe, Pryor's student leadership team, led the engaging and active orientation. These students completed a summer training program which incorporated team-building activities and challenges to help them prepare for their leadership role throughout the upcoming school year. Pirate Krewe members will mentor sixth grade students throughout their first year of middle school to help them have the smoothest transition possible to middle school. Pirate Krewe is the middle school version of the high school program called Link Crew. 

Parents also participated in the orientation and met with school administrators to learn about school programs and important information about their new school. 

“Pirate Krewe members were told the win for the day would be if the new sixth grader students were excited about starting school and felt at ease about their first day,” said Pirate Krewe Sponsor, Tammy Ellis. “By the look on their faces – it was a BIG WIN!”