Governor Scott Visits Okaloosa County During Education Listening Tour

On September 8th, Governor Rick Scott embarked on an Education Listening Tour across the state of Florida listening to teachers, students and parents share their ideas to improve Florida’s education system. Governor Scott wanted to hear ideas on how to improve the education of the state’s children.

“By listening to teachers, parents and children, we will gather ideas to strengthen our education system to better prepare students for college and careers,” said Governor Scott.

On September 17th, Governor Scott visited Fort Walton Beach High School and Davidson Middle School to meet with teachers and students.

“I heard ideas about how we can make sure our students are successfully prepared for college and the workforce,” said Governor Scott. “Many of the teachers expressed the need for an efficient testing system that would effectively measure students and enhance their achievement in the classroom.”

While at Fort Walton Beach High School, the Governor had the opportunity to speak to students learning about the Bill of Rights in an AP Government class. At Davidson Middle School, he visited a biomedical science class that is preparing students for a career in the medical field.

“It is evident at both schools that teachers are creating a positive learning environment to ensure the success of their students,” said Governor Scott. “Meeting with parents, teachers, students and education stakeholders has been a great opportunity to hear ideas on how we can best prepare our students for colleges and careers. The policies in the next budget and upcoming legislative session will be designed around ways to continue to improve our education system. As we continue to finalize our education policy, I look forward to meeting with more Floridians and hearing their ideas on how we can improve our education system.”