FWBHS Leadership Pairs With Wright Students to Increase Reading Proficiency

The Trendsetters program pairs high school students with second and third-graders for one-on-one weekly mentoring sessions.  The goal is to help at-risk mentees who are at least six-months behind their peers in reading skills and to nurture the volunteer spirit among youth leaders. The teens received training in reading mentoring and leadership skills at the beginning of the school year before helping the younger students with weekly mentoring sessions focused on reading proficiency and other educational activities.

Locally, Fort Walton Beach High School’s Trendsetters paired up with second and third grade struggling readers from Wright Elementary School. They have been coming to Wright every Tuesday since September. They each have their own student to work with and they have been talking with them, reading to them, and finding out things about them all year.

As a celebration at the end of the year, the Trendsetters wrote and illustrated a customized book for each student and then surprised the students in May with their books.

Wright Elementary and Fort Walton Beach high school have been part of the Trendsetter program for three years.

To see a photo gallery of the Trendsetters at Wright Elementary, visit our Facebook page.