Choctawhatchee HS Students View THE GREAT GATSBY In Style

Students in Choctawhatchee High School’s English III class were treated to a private showing of THE GREAT GATSBY last week. 

“The movie premiered at the perfect time as the students had just finished reading and studying the American classic novel,” said English teacher, Linda Evanchyk.

Prior to the movie premiere, students were greeted by fellow students, Rachel Hood and Beecher Riddle, who arrived at the theater in character and costume in a 1928 Roadster driven by band director, Chad Hannah. Several of the students and teachers were dressed in 1920s fashion as well. 

“Seeing the movie will help us get a visual of the book,” said Hood.  “I am excited to see how this movie is done in comparison to the others.  I feel like this one is going to be a little more bright and enthusiastic with the way they do things.”

Assignments after viewing the movie will be different in each classroom.  

“We are supposed to have fun but pay attention to the movie to where we can do a compare and contrast on the book and one of the old movies to the new movie,” said eleventh grade student, Ann Grant.  “We will see which one we like more and which one portrays the book better.” 

Cassaundra Pauly’s class watched the 1974 version the day before the premiere of the new movie.

“It was really good,” said Pauly.  “Hopefully this movie will live up to the same standards.”

Grant said that she actually hoped the new version would be even better.

“I actually was not that excited about the movie because I was afraid it would look too old, but it did not. Having the current actors brought it up to date,” said Megan Martinez, after seeing the movie.

“The music added to the story,” said Jarde Holliday.  “From the trailers I saw leading up to going on the field trip, I knew it was modernized,” she added.

“I liked the movie even better than the book. I thought it was going to look old fashioned, but it was not. It was ten times better than I thought it would be,” said Quincy Campbell.