Bruner Web Design 1 Students Compete For Top Web Design

Bruner Middle School’s 8th Grade Web Design 1 students recently competed for the title of “top design” during Bruner’s first annual Web Design contest. 

The web design students presented the web site they designed and created about their favorite country to an audience packed with family, friends, and fellow students.

While a panel of judges watched, the students walked through their web design and information about the country of their choice.  In all, there were nineteen different countries and websites showcased.

“When the students first entered the Web Design 1 class they knew nothing about web site design, but were willing to learn,” said Michelle Cook, Bruner’s Web Design 1 teacher.  “Many of them have obtained their Certified Internet Webmaster Site Development Associate Industry Certification.”

The student’s websites are listed below:

1st place - 
2nd place - 
3rd place - 
4th place - 
5th place -