Plew ES Holds Read Aloud Day as Part of Celebrate Literacy Week

Read Aloud Day at Plew Elementary School was held recently as part of Celebrate Literacy Week in Florida. 

“Our theme this year is called, Wild About Books,” said Mary Peterson, Plew’s Literacy Coach.  “We have 38 guest readers visiting classrooms and sharing the beauty of picture books.  Research has shown that reading aloud is the single most activity for building knowledge required for eventual success in reading.  Reading aloud builds background knowledge, improves listening comprehension, builds vocabulary, and creates an interest in reading.”

Read Alouds allow teachers to choose a variety of interesting, meaningful texts to share with students and to share reading in ways that invites students to think, and connect deeply to literature they might not read themselves.

The landmark study, Becoming a Nation of Readers (Anderson et al. 1985) called reading aloud “the single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading.”  Studies show that reading aloud builds background knowledge – an essential ingredient for comprehension; improves listening skills and listening comprehension – a precursor to reading comprehension; builds vocabulary – of both common and rare words; and creates interest in reading.

Plew wishes to thank the following volunteer guest readers:

Kelli Williams
Michelle Treadway
Melissa Berry
Bobbi Nedoroscik
Nancy Grigsby
Sherri Cadenhead 
Senora Avellanet 
Melody Sommers 
Joan Martin 
Mary McElroy 
Mikey Folio 
Dee Lowery  
Mary Brummett 
Barry Blackburn 
Sharen Burt 
Jackie Hakanson 
Sharon Blackburn 
Abner Williams 
Alice Tadlock 
Nancy Jurgens 
Joan Pickard 
Marcus Chambers 
Jodi Harper 
Duscha Ross 
Virginia Bowles 
Guyla Hendricks 
Ellen Agnew 
Ann Flanagan 
Billy Mikel 
Mark Perry 
Anita DeVuyst 
Melissa Thrush 
Shawna Crist 
Mary Beth Jackson  
Cathy McIntyre 
Jamie Coldsnow 
Carolyn McAllister

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