Olympic Gold Medalist, Sheila Taormina, Visits with Bruner MS and Liza Jackson Swimmers

Olympic Gold Medalist, Sheila Taormina, recently visited with the Bruner Middle School and Liza Jackson swim teams. Taormina is the only female athlete to compete in four Olympics in three different sports.  She won the Gold Medal in the 4 x 200 meter freestyle relay in 1996, placed 6th in the Triathlon in 2000 placed 23rd in the Triathlon in 2004, and placed 19th in the Modern Pentathlon in the 2008.

“She shared her personal story of perseverance and commitment and allowed all the swimmers to pass around her gold medal,” said Susan Ver Steeg, Bruner’s Swimming Coach.

According to Taormina’s website, “This is not the ‘rise to the top quickly and make millions’ story. It is the ‘get an education, work the best you can with what you have, and never give-up’ story.  In the end, Sheila Taormina has experienced six completely different disciplines on the Olympic stage - swimming, cycling, running, pistol shooting, fencing, and equestrian show jumping. Her perspective on the Olympics, human potential, and performance is unparalleled.”

Taormina conducts swimming clinics worldwide and is the author of Swim Speed Secrets, a book on freestyle swimming technique.

For more information about Shelia Taormina, please visit her website at www.sheilat.com.

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