Davidson Middle School Takes Care of Their Own

Davidson Middle School started a new program last year called “Taking Care of Our Own” to help Panther students whose families are having a rough time or are displaced.  This year the program was able to help seven Davidson families over the holidays.

“We teach Civics here and one of our topics is ‘Citizenship’ and being a good citizen is helping out our community so why not start here,” said Tim Sexton, the program coordinator.  “Last year we asked the students of Davidson to bring in non-perishable items but it was not just food that was needed but also toiletries, laundry detergent and some clothing.  We also had a wish list of toys, games and books the students may want.  Last year we were able to feed seven known families within our school community.” 

This year they wanted to do more so they asked the leadership class from Crestview High to jump on board. 

“This year we had seven families that were taken care of with the help of our student community to include Crestview High’s donations there was more than enough to go around,” said Sexton.  “We also had a donation of money we used to get items they needed.  They came in with gleaming smiles and hearts filled with gratitude when they left that day.  The remaining food and clothes went to a battered women’s shelter.  This was a good day.”

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