School Advisory Council (SAC)

The Florida legislature has mandated that every public school will maintain a system of school improvement and accountability. This process requires that teachers, support staff and parents be elected to serve on the School Advisory Council (SAC).  SAC members participate in at least four yearly meetings and produce Bob Sikes' School Performance Plan (SPP).  Bob Sikes' SPP is developed with high expectations for student achievement based on a needs assessment that addresses academic performance needs.

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Council Members

Chair/Co Chair

Ms. Pawlak  Ms. Steen

Vice Chair 



Ms. Stewart


Vicky Hayden 



Staff Members

Elizabeth Foley

Vicky Hayden - Principal

Amanda Tatman


Jamie Shaffer


Heather Simmons


Darla Southard 





Parent Members


Christie Pawlak

Carita Smith               

Richard Cummins

Tina Steen 

Vanessa Tejo

Julie Harrison

Rachel Royer

Libby Morgan

Stephanie Bocoman

Jessica Stewart

Community Member

Other OCSD Employee

Jennifer Vitale

Erika Peterson

Karen Brown 



Room 11 3:00-4:00 PM  

 August 24, 2021- Welcome back   

September 21, 2021     

October 19, 2021     

November 16, 2021     

February 15, 2022     

March 15, 2022     

May 17, 2022   

Agenda Meetings will be held on the Tuesday two weeks prior to the SAC meeting
in the Principal's Office.