Papa John's Pizza Nights

  Support our school by purchasing pizza from November 18-20.  Click here for details.

Parent Math Night Resources

  If you  missed our Title I Parent Math Night, click here to view some great resources.  These are games parents can play at home with their children to help with their math skills.

NEW! Parent Survey Online

   In an effort to improve system practices, Okaloosa County School District is conducting a Parent Survey.  We value your opinion and ask that you take the time to complete this su

Math Problem of the Month

  Each month our school will sponsor a Math Competition.  A math problem will be posted on our website at the beginning of each month, and students will have an opportuni

November Events

  Click here to view.

November Communicator Now Online

Click here to view the current Kenwood Communicator



NEW! Honor Roll Assemblies Scheduled for 2014-2015

  Click here to view the Honor Roll Assembly schedule for the school year.

NEW! Student Council 2014-2015

  Click here to view.



PTO Information Updated

    Click here to access the PTO webpage.  The 2014-2015 PTO Board Members list and meeting schedule have been updated.

Student Safety

   For the safety of our students, children may not be dropped off at school prior to 8:25. If you arrive before that time, please have your child(ren) remain in the car with you.  If you need child care before school begins, please contact the on-campus YMCA.


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