Exceptional Student Education (ESE)

Melody Sommer

Program Director, ESE 

(850) 833-3164


The Exceptional Students Education (ESE) Department is part of Student Intervention Services. The department oversees the implementation of policies and procedures related to Florida statutes or State Board of Education rules affecting programs for exceptional students, including gifted students. Specifically, the department works with schools and parents to ensure that students with disabilities and gifted students receive the appropriate educational opportunities and related services through the IEP and/or EP process.

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Penny McLean
District Level Staffing Specialist
(850) 833-3164
Pat Dombrowski
District Level Staffing Specialist
(850) 833-3164
Ginny Wright
Administrative Assistant
(850) 833-3164
Debbie Stone
ESE Payroll
(850) 833-5899
ESE Bookkeeper/Records
(850) 833-5867