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Great Health Recommendations from UHC, Just for You!

Rally can help you get healthier, one small step at a time. Rally shows you how to make simple changes to your daily routine, set smart goals and stay on target. You’ll get personalized recommendations on how to move more, eat better and feel happier — and have fun doing it.

Start with the quick Health Survey and get your Rally Age, a measure of your overall health. Rally will then recommend missions for you: simple activities designed to help immediately improve your diet, fitness and mood. Start easy and level up when you’re ready. 

Plus, on Rally there are lots of ways to earn Rally coins, which you can use for chances to win great rewards. Rack up coins for joining missions, pushing yourself in a challenge and even just for logging in every day. Rally is available at no additional cost to you, as part of your employee benefits. 

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Better Health Starts Online. Register today at – Use the Rally link to take the Rally Health Survey.


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Rally Health provides health and well-being information and support as part of your health plan. It does not provide medical advice or other health services, and is not a substitute for your doctor’s care. If you have specific health care needs, consult an appropriate health care professional. Participation in the health survey is voluntary. Your responses will be kept confidential in accordance with the law and will only be used to provide health and wellness recommendations or conduct other plan activities.