Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Donates Seized Vehicle To CHOICE High School

Donation Gives Vocational Students Opportunity to Learn Modern Automotive Computer Systems

Crime never pays, but sometimes its consequences can be put to good use. Such was the case when Sheriff Larry Ashley donated a seized vehicle to Choice High School and Technical Center’s Automotive Department on behalf of the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO). The vehicle, a 2005 Cadillac CTS, will provide the program’s students their first opportunity to learn and practice skills on a car with a modern computer system—vital knowledge in today’s increasingly technological field of automotive maintenance and repair.

The donated Cadillac CTS uses class 2 serial data, Keyword 2000 serial data, and high speed GMLAN serial data. The vehicle system includes over 20 computers—an instrument panel cluster (IPC),  an engine/powertrain control module (ECM/PCM), a transmission control module (TCM),  an electronic brake control module (ECBM), and a HVAC module among numerous others. Almost all vehicles today need specialized equipment, a subscription to the manufacturer’s website, and trained technicians to program the complex computer systems.

“The OCSO’s partnership with Choice High School and Technical Center to help provide some of the vehicles needed to train our vocational students reflects an ongoing commitment to bettering our community through education and training,” said Don Bates, Instructor, Choice High School and Technical Center. “Thanks to the generous efforts of Sheriff Ashley and the OCSO, Choice High School and Technical Center students will now have access to this level of hands-on learning and we will be able to keep pace with technological advances in the automotive industry while providing state of the art training to our students.”