Teaching Students About Finances Can Be Enjoyable

Teaching students about finances doesn’t need to be mundane and complicated.  Instead, it can be an enjoyable part of everyday experiences. That’s what families of Walker Elementary School discovered during the Math Literacy Night.

Title I helped organize a financial education workshop affiliated with Volunteer USA Foundation and SunTrust Bank entitled “What’s on the Menu?”

This fun and interactive workshop incorporated a “menu-based” theme, where parents helped their third, fourth, or fifth graders learn how to tally up restaurant bills and calculate tips. The workshop also included information about the banking system, savings, budgets, and debt.

The overall goal was to encourage parents to teach their child how to make smart decisions about spending, saving, and budgeting.

“It was a great way for kids to improve their financial literacy at an early age,” said Jeanine Kirkland, Principal of Walker Elementary.

Families received a take-home math kit filled with measuring cups, multiplication flashcards, and many other items to help enhance the learning experience at home.

The evening concluded with refreshments prepared by Johnny O’Quigley’s and each student received a kid’s meal coupon and a Johnny O’Quigley’s Frisbee.