Richbourg School Excited to Have New Mixer

“We have been blessed with a new 20-quart mixer and stand,” Richhourg School Life Skills teacher Shirley Godbold said.  Valued at a little over a thousand dollars, the Avantco MX20 is a three-speed, one-horsepower, gear-driven commercial mixer.

The students used the new mixer for the first time last week as they prepared the dough for their popular cookies and breads.  Sales of student-made cookies and breads help fund supplies for the special-needs students’ life skills classroom where they learn basic cooking techniques, cake and cookie decorating, kitchen cleanliness and hygiene, and home consumer skills.

“It is fantastic,” said Godbold. “We made four complete batches of banana bread in one mix using 12 cups of flour, 6 cups sugar and 12 eggs.”