Plew Panther Way

Plew Elementary School Principal, Carolyn McAllister, needed to tell parents where to line up for school dismissal but the new road next to the school did not have a name.  Thus began the idea to have the new road named Plew Panther Way.

School Board Member, Melissa Thrush, the Parent Leadership Association, and McAllister got together to research the process for naming a street in the city of Niceville and to brainstorm name ideas for the new road.  They came up with Plew Panther Way.

McAllister then wrote Niceville City Manager, Lannie Corbin, a letter asking for approval to name this new road Plew Panther Way.  The City voted and approved McAllister’s request.

Mayor Randall Wise was on hand at the ceremony and told the students that he was happy they were able to name the road Plew Panther Way.

“We are here to celebrate the dedication of this street and also Mr. James E. Plew’s stewardship,” said Thrush.  “Mr. Plew’s legacy is that he set an example for his family and our community that through hard work and cooperation we can better the community that we all live in and share.  His legacy continues today as his descendants carry on the tradition of being good stewards in our community.  We are grateful that the City of Niceville has allowed us to dedicate this road as Plew Panther Way.”

Entertainment was provided by Plew’s fifth grade chorus.  Fifth grade student Roland Matthews was given the job of revealing the new sign.

Special guest included Mayor Randall Wise, Lannie Corbin, City Manager, Melissa Thrush, School Board, Steve Ruckel, Marion Ruckel Skalicky, and Judy Byrne Riley descendants of James Plew, and Ammy Hansen, Plew’s Parent Leadership Association president. 

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