Grant Newton Recognized as a Local Hero

Grant Newton, a fourth grade student at Riverside Elementary School, is a local hero.  Newton is credited with saving his father’s life over the Thanksgiving holidays.

“The incident happened when Grant went to visit his dad in Atlanta,” said Terry Barnes, Newton’s fourth grade teacher.  “Grant is a true hero and he is so humble about it.”

Grant’s father, Shane Newton, was bitten by a timber rattlesnake while he and Grant were alone deep in the woods north of Atlanta, GA.  According to reports, the timber rattlesnake was seven feet long.

Grant stayed calm the entire time, provided medical updates to 911 on his father, and yelled until help got there when the 911 operator said first response was close but they could not locate them exactly. 

“Grant's daddy had to be resuscitated and would not have made it without our brave boy!” said Kaye Newton, Grant’s mother.  “I am just so glad the snake didn't bite Grant!”

The doctors treating Grant’s father said if the snake had bitten Grant instead of his father, Grant would not be here today. 

“We are very proud of Grant,” said Principal Marlene VanDyke.  “We know it must have been very, very scary.”

“I want you to know how proud we are of you,” said Superintendent of Schools, Mary Beth Jackson.  “When I heard about this, I got in touch with the school and said, ‘This is great! We have a hero among our students.’”

Jackson presented a plaque adorned with Grant’s initials in a Superman emblem that commended him for his brave and courageous acts that helped save his father’s life.

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Pictured above (left to right): Marlene VanDyke, Principal, Grant Newton, Kaye Newton, Terry Barnes, and Superintendent Mary Beth Jackson.