Destin ES Students Have Fun Snow Day

Who says it does not snow in Destin, Florida?  Not the students at Destin Elementary School.

Students at Destin Elementary School pledged to read every day over the holiday for at least thirty minutes. The students who returned to school with a completed Holiday Reading Log form were treated to a “Snow Day” where they had the chance to throw snowballs and play in snow with Principal, Janet Stein and Assistant Principal, Dawn Massey.

“Student and parent initials were required on the form along with a note that stated what they loved about reading that day,” said Stein.  “Reading time included read to, read with or independent reading time.”

Before the holidays, students checked out books from the library and their classrooms that were on their level and were “I PICK” books:

I – choose a book and look inside 
P – Purpose I am reading this book because
I – Interest I am interested in this book
C – Comprehend I understand this book
K – Know I know the words in this book

“Thank you to everyone that encouraged and monitored student reading over the holiday,” said Stein.  “Sometimes children zip through a book or story without processing what was read.  At school, children are often asked to tell the main idea of a story or summarize what the story is about.  Parents can help develop this skill while reading time at home. It is easier to begin this if parents use short sections of the book or chapter.  After reading a short section, ask the student to tell you the most important things that have happened and predict what will happen next.  Or have the student think about the story and see if they can come up with one or two sentences that would explain what has happened.”

“The students that returned their completed reading logs had a fabulous time playing in the snow and throwing snowballs,” said Massey.

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