The water rocket competition between Mr. Jernigan’s Aerospace students, Mr. Pink’s Tech students, and Mr. Cheon’s Physics students is heating up. Students in all three classes are hard at work
designing, building, and testing their rockets. The teachers are being pretty tight-lipped about the progress of their efforts. After all, bragging rights are on the line, and all three teachers hate to
Mr. Pink’s classes were busy test launching their rockets to test their finished designs. After the test, Mr. Pink said that he could neither confirm nor deny any rumors of failures during flight. “Let’s just say we are
following Edison’s method,” he said. While the test launches were going on, Mr. Cheon may have been spotted doing a little covert surveillance out his classroom door to check on the competition.
Mr. Cheon denies any charges of espionage, and claims his students are favored to win. “After all, this IS rocket science,” Cheon says. “And who could be better at understanding the physics behind rocket science than
the Physical Science teacher?”
In other news:
The students in Mr. Pink’s Robotics class were challenged to build a robot that could push an opponent off of the ring in under two minutes. They robot could only be controlled through their program that was loaded into the robot before the
match. They had to program the robot to locate the enemy, attack the enemy, and avoid the edge of the ring. After a tremendous competition, Dakota, Chloe, Tenten and Fabricio were crowned the winners.
robotics pink.PNG

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