Mrs. Russ and Dr. Langshaw were each awarded $1500 grants from the Okaloosa County Public Schools Foundation (OPSF) to support their science instruction. The goal of both of these projects is to provide rigorous, relevant, hands-on science laboratory activities for students to engage in the scientific process that will increase students’ understanding of science concepts.


Mrs. Russ' grant, "Getting In Touch With Earth Science," will provide several hands-on science lab experiences activities relating to plate tectonics, seafloor spreading, the formation of soil, and the circulation of ocean currents. In one sequence of lab activities, for example, students will start by graphing the densities of different concentrations of saltwater. Using their graph and the optimal density of saltwater, they determine the appropriate concentration to use when the two solutions are combined to promote convection when heated. They will gain a better understanding of how the process of convection works by adjusting the experimental conditions and the properties of the two liquids.


Dr. Langshaw's grant, "Life Science Under the Microscope," will allow her students to observe patterns in microorganisms in a microscale pond model. In this project, students will explore Life Science concepts up close as they study the phenomenon of  how ecosystems change over time and how these changes follow a general pattern called succession. During the project, students will set up a mini pond using a hay infusion, protist cultures, and algae cultures to model a pond ecosystem. Over the course of several weeks, student groups will make observations and take samples of assigned portions of the pond, collecting evidence about changes in abiotic and biotic factors.


Mrs. Russ and Dr. Langshaw are grateful to the OPSF for their support of our STEMM



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