Ms. Catherine Imboden

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I am super excited about teaching at the STEMM Academy!

     A little about me: I am a Florida Certified Teacher in Mathematics 5-9, Mathematics 6-12, General Science 5-9. My specialty in math is Geometry (which makes me weird even among math teachers). I love the visible and tangible aspects of Geometry and the ‘now it makes sense’ moments that my students have when they connect with math. My career started in Lake County (north of Orlando) and gave me the opportunity to work with a variety of grade levels and math subjects. This year, I am teaching Honors Geometry and Digital Art/Design at STEMM, 7th grade Advanced Math / Pre-Algebra, Honors Algebra, and Honors Geometry for MySchool Online, and Liberal Arts Math for Okaloosa Online.

     Teaching is not my first career. My Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE) is in Graphic Design. As a graphic designer at the beginning of the computer age, I used ratios and proportions every day. When I decided to become a teacher, I remembered grouchy math teachers, even in the advanced classes, and felt I could make math more friendly and approachable. With my visual communications background, I work to make math more than just numbers.

     My family moved to Okaloosa County 5 years ago. I have been married for 32 years and have 2 amazing children plus a rescue dog who is probably part alligator. Crafting, thrifting, and reading are my favorite hobbies.

     Remember:  Math teachers aren’t Mean, they’re above average.

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