School Advisory Council (SAC)


Meeting Schedule




Meetings are held at 3:00pm in the CSI Room.


SAC is based on the belief “all children can learn, and the public schools can and will change to better prepare students for today’s and tomorrow’s workplace. “

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The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a team representing various segments of the community.  STEMM Academy, like all other schools, has its own set of challenges and resources.  Stake holders of this school community, those best suited to decide what will help our students learn, include the principal, faculty and staff, parents, students, local business leaders, and community members.  These stakeholders are represented on our School Advisory Council.


The SAC assists in the preparation and evaluation of the School Performance Plan (SPP).  The SAC also assists the Principal with the annual school budget. 


SAC Meetings occur four times a year and are held at STEMM Academy.  All members of the community are invited and encourage to join us.


Please contact Ms. Martin at for more information.


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