6 members of the Varsity Academic team

Pictured: Champion Varsity team Niamh Ordner, Lorelai Bailey, Zane Schmidt, Evan Harper, Jackson Freeman, Alex Pryor

The STEMM academic team won a second District match this past weekend (Feb 11,2017). The team won the Bruner District match where all 12 county teams competed with an 11-0 match record. To date the STEMM academic team has a 31-1 record and are the informal Okaloosa County District champs. This group also has the distinction of qualifying for a third straight year for the National tournament in Dallas, Texas. The team went undefeated during match play at the Escambia County National qualifier at Tate High School in Pensacola, Florida on Jan 28th, 2017. 

Varsity Lineup:

3rd Year Letter 

Zane Schmidt


2nd Year Letter

Niamh Ordner

Michael Panarisi

Charles Labee


JV Team :

brunerjv (1).jpeg

Pictured (l to r) Riley Woodard, Emilio Salvador, Grant Leatherman, Henry Durkin, and Zachary Merlo

In case you wondered if Academic Competitions were fun:

4 different goofs.jpeg


1st Year Letter

Jackson Freeman

Teertho Bhattacharya

Alex Pryor

Evan Harper

Sam Harkins

Loralei Bailey

Henry Durkin

Riley Woodard

Zach Merlo

Marshal Belk

Emilio Salvador



jv goofs.jpeg

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