Speech and Debate team with coaches


OSA's first Speech and Debate Winter Invitational was held on 21 January.

Students from Ruckel Middle School were welcomed with an exciting afternoon of competion.  Niceville High School’s Speech and Debate Team led by Coach, Mrs. Pauline Buis, judged the event providing wonderful feedback for each participant. We would like to congratulate the following STEMM students for placing in his or her event: 

Zachary Merlo Second Place Lincoln Douglas Debate 

Michael Panarisi First Place Student Congress 

Theron Lasher Second Place Humorous Interpretation

Annalise Thompson Third Place Dramatic Interpretation

For the first time, STEMM (and other midldle schools in Okaloosa County) are offering Speech and Debate clubs and competitions.  Ms. English and Mr. Flynn have been working with the teams under the guidance and with the support of the Niceville High School team. Mrs. Pauline Buis, the coach of Niceville High School's team has worked tirelessly to help create a Speech and Debate Junior Division for students to compete at the middle school level within Okaloosa County.  

The Speech and Debate club meets on Wednesdays after school.

This team is especially for students who love to debate, embrace rhetoric and see him or herself in politics one day.  Also, there are competitive divisions for students who are dramatic, gifted in the theater arts, enjoy acting, connect with poetry, are passionate about prose and more.  You should come and bring a friend.  There are solo, group and duo divisions.   


Debate 4.jpeg


picture of four members of the Debate team



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