Bus Schedule

Transportation Hub Stops  2017 - 2018




Pryor Middle School (AM pickup)

Choctaw High School (PM drop off)                                                              

 Bus 05-12


 6:30 am



 2:15 pm

Eglin AFB Youth Center                                                    


 6:45 am

 2:00 pm

Destin Middle School (front parking lot)                                                        

 Bus 04-14

 6:40 am

 2:10 pm 

Bluewater Elementary (sidewalk front of school)                                            

 Bus 04-14

 6:55 am

 1:55 pm

Shoal River Middle School (pick-up front parking lot nearest Redstone: drop off at ball field parking lot)                                                                                                             

 Bus 02-19


 6:15 am


 2:30 pm




 7:00 – 7:10 am

 1:45 pm

*Destin pickup and drop off are in the front parking lot

**Bluewater pickup and drop off are at the sidewalk in front of the school


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