Each year the STEMM PTO sponsors the “Adopt-A-Classroom” fundraiser for Okaloosa STEMM Academy!  Individuals, businesses and service organizations that are interested in financially supporting the Okaloosa STEMM Academy can do so by participating in Adopt-A-Classroom fundraiser.   These funds will be utilized by the respective teachers to cover material costs and other expenses that are not otherwise paid for by the school district.  As of 2017-18 adoptions are $250 per class or extra-curricular activity, per school year, and are tax-deductible.  Designated adoptions, specifying a specific classroom, will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, if you are interested in adopting a specific classroom or activity, please remit your contribution early.


On behalf of the PTO, we appreciate your willingness to support the Okaloosa STEMM Academy and its future leaders!


Click on the below image to read the Adopt-A-Classroom PTO 2017-2018 letter and learn about the program.


Click on the below image to view the Adopt-A-Classroom form.  If you would like to Adopt a STEMM Classroom complete and submit this form.




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