Mr. John Reaves

Coach Reaves will be teaching 7th Grade Civics, 8th grade US History, and PE this school year.

Course Syllabus: Mr. Reaves 2015.2016 Civics.docx

Textbook Information: CivicsRedemptionCodeCoupon.pdf

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Coach Reaves has a BS in Business Administration from Belhaven University.


He began teaching in 2004 after serving several years as a college, high school, and middle school athletics coach. He is a certified professional teacher in Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi having taught Civics, US History Honors, Physical Education, World History, Economics, US Government, Critical Thinking, and Information Design. He has also coached varsity baseball, basketball, competitive weightlifting, football, and track & field. This will be his fourth year with Okaloosa Stemm Academy.


Coach Reaves has been married 27 years and has four children.

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