STEMM Academy students are valued members of sports teams at a variety of schools.  This page will be used to highlight their participation and achievements.


If your student is an athlete, please send pictures and information to



            Houston Pryor track 2018.jpg

Houston represents STEMM on the Pryor track team at the meet at NWFSC


DominicW track2.jpg

This is Dominic’s second year running cross country for Destin Middle School.  This year he qualified for the varsity team, running an average of 13:42 time for a two mile run.  He will be competing at the State Tournament this year!


Is there a link between running and being a STEMM kid?  Eli also runs cross country for Pryor and enjoys the occasional 5K just for fun.

Eli L CC4.jpg  

Eli CC3.jpg


Eric runs for Liza Jackson; seems to be leaving the rest of the pack far behind!

ERic R CC.jpg


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