Yearbook Production

The Digital Art and Design classes are responsible for our Okaloosa STEMM Academy Yearbook production.

Sponsor:  Mrs. Catherine Imboden


2020-2021 Yearbooks for Sale!

Buy Now to Save!

From November 23 – December 18:        $30

From December 19 – January 31:               $35

From February 1 – March 19:                      $40


To purchase, go to the STEMM Academy website and purchase through My School Bucks:


Share Your Photos!

Please share your candid photos of this year’s STEMM activities.

If you took a photo of your student’s dress-up day outfit at home, please share!

First day of school photos, getting on/off the bus, favorite mask, etc.

If you are in MySchool Online, we want pictures of you!  A couple formal pictures and some working at your computer too.

Sign up for the Pictavo Community at:

  • Create an account
  • Find our school:  Florida > Valparaiso > Okaloosa STEMM Academy
  • Enter your information and verify the email
  • Click ‘Upload Photos’
  • If you don’t know the student names, put A
  • The date is not necessary


Yearbook Goals:

We strive to have at least one candid of every student at STEMM as well as the portrait.

The more fun candid photos the merrier!


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