Congratulations to the following students for their participation in the

2019-2020 Regional Science Fair.



Congratulations to Our 2017-18 

Science Fair High Achievers!


20180328_080629ScienceFair - Cropped.jpg

L-R:  Ben Homan, Jet Brister, Isabella Molineros, Marisol Enguidanos, Ariana Delamata, Caroline Rey, Annabella Becnel, Grace Hickey, Gwendolyn Thompson, Jared Smith, Conrad Kiel, and Gabe Lerner-Sperow.



2018 Science Fair Results


Special Awards

Annabella Becnel – American Society of Civil Engineers Award

Conrad Kiel – US Navy Science Awards, Office of Naval Research

Jett Brister – Florida Association of Science Supervisors Award & US Navy Science Awards, Office of Naval Research

Grace Hickey – Florida Association of Science Teachers Award

Jared Smith – Suwannee Valley Regional Science and Engineering Fair Award


Placement Awards

Gwen Thompson – Recognition (6th Place) – Chemistry

Caroline Rey – Recognition (6th Place) – Biomedical & Health

Conrad Kiel – Honorable Mention (5th Place) – Intelligent Machines, Robotics, Systems Software

Ariana Delamata – Honorable Mention (5th Place) – Environmental Engineering

Isabella Molineros – Honorable Mention (5th Place) – Earth & Environmental Sciences

Annabella Becnel – 3rd Place – Environmental Engineering

Marisol Enguidanos – 3rd Place – Earth & Environmental Sciences

Benjamin Homan – 3rd Place – Chemistry

Gabe Lerner-Sperow – 1st Place – Chemistry


We also had former STEMM students, now in HS, place as well.

Travis Delrie (2016) – Recognition – Engineering

Liam Ordner (2015) – 4th – Biomedical

James “Matt” Baker (2015) – 2nd – Mathematics

Congratulations to Our 2016-17

Science Fair High Achievers!

Front Row:  Ethan Lindsay (7), Conrad Kiel (7), Ben Homan (6), Ben Sherwin (7), Gabe Lerner-Sperow (6), Teertho Bhattacharya (8);  Back Row:  Niamh Ordner (7), Annabella Becnel (6), Nicole Terry (8), Naomi Barr (7), Katherine Veth (8), Alexa Drab (8)


STEMM 2017 State Science Fair Results


Students with ** also received special award (listed after the placement awards)

50% - 6/12 received category placement

50% - 6/12 received a special award

75% - 9/12 received a category and/or special award


Category Placement Awards



Student Name


Project Name

First Place Middle School **Charles “Ben” Sherwin STEMM For Your Ears Only
Second Place Middle School **Alexa Drab STEMM Neonictinoids Role in Colony Collapse Disorder: Infliction or Fiction?
Second Place Middle School **Gaberiel Lerner-Sperow STEMM Hydrogen Production through Ratio Variance of Sodium Carbonate and Calcium Hydroxide
Fourth Place Middle School Nicole Terry STEMM Solidification and its Effects on Landfill Airspace
Fifth Place (Honorable Mention) Middle School Benjamin Homan STEMM Does Humidity Affect Carbon Dioxide Absorption by Polyethyleneimine?
Sixth Place (Recognition) Middle School Naomi Barr STEMM The Silent Tsunami



Middle School Special Awards


Student Name                School


Alexa Drab                           STEMM

Baird Junior Environmental Sciences Award ($100 Cash Award)

Alexa Drab                           STEMM

Broadcom MASTERS Nomination Package

Conrad Kiel                          STEMM

Florida Association of Science Supervisors ($50 Cash Award)

Gabe Lerner-Sperow          STEMM

Broadcom MASTERS Nomination Package

Ethan Lindsay                     STEMM

United States Navy Science Award (Medallion)

Niamh Ordner                     STEMM

NOAA's Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award (Medallion)

Charles “Ben” Sherwin      STEMM

Broadcom MASTERS Nomination Package

Charles “Ben” Sherwin      STEMM

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Winner Awards ($200 Cash Award)

Charles “Ben” Sherwin      STEMM

Florida Engineering Foundation ($100 Cash Award)


Congratulations to Our 2016-17

Regional Science Fair Winners:

OSA State Pic 2017.JPG

Front Row - L to R

Ethan Lindsay - 7th - PHYS - Martian Real or Fake

Conrad Kiel - 7th - IMRS - Domo Arigato Mapping

Roboto Ben Sherwin - 7th - ENMS - For Your Ears Only

Ben Homan - 6th - CHEM - Does Humidity Affect Carbon Dioxide Absorption by Polyethyleneimine?

Niamh Ordner - 7th - EAEV - Maximizing Efficiency of Carbon Dioxide Removal from Our Atmosphere

Annabella Becnel - 6th - PHYS - Design of Wings Affects Lift and Drag Back

Row - L to R

Teertho Bhattacharya - 8th - MACO - Can Winglet Cant Angle Affect Windmill Performance?

Gabe Lerner-Sperow - 6th - CHEM - Hydrogen Production through Ratio Variance of Sodium Carbonate and Calcium Hydroxide

Naomi Barr - 7th - ENEV - The Silent Tsunami

Nicole Terry - 8th - ENEV - Solidification and its Effects on Landfill Space

Katherine Veth - 8th - EAEV - Maintaining Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Ponds    

Absent - Alexa Drab - 8th - ANIM - Neonicotinoids Role in Colony Collapse Disorder: Infliction or Fiction



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