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Change of Transportation Note Required!


Congratulations Mr. Jernigan, Ms. Morris, and Ms. Matheson ! ! ! 


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Congratulations Mrs. Matheson, Mrs. Morris, and Mr. Jernigan for receiving the TEAMS award from the Hsu Foundation for their hard work and innovative practices in STEM education. 




   Click on the CTE logo to explore the programs offered by OCSD and information on the local job market.

The CTE program is an innovative, award-winning program that allows secondary students to earn high school credits. coolege credits, scholarships, and professional industry certifications - all at the same time and at no cost to the student.  Okaloosa County School District Career and Tehcnical education offers programs in many different areas of study.    Their programs are open to all students in the district. 

CTE works as a critical link in transitioning secondary students into successful, high-skill, high-wage careers in the workforce or into postsecondary educational opportunities.  The CHOICE team's foucs is career readiness because the workforce-ready student is in high demand.



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For more information about the STEMM Academy or STEMM Academy programs, please contact Scheree Martin, Principal, Okaloosa STEMM Center

at (850) 833-4120 or



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School drop-Off/Pick-Up

*Buses will discharge in the Front Office zone (Edge Ave.)

*All car riders should discharge in the iCafe Zone (OSA bus ramp-Nordberg Ave.)

Safety first!  No phone zone!

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