VPK Registration2022-2023 Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Registration Opens January 1st

It’s that time! Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten registration opens on January 1 for 2022 Summer and 2022-2023 School Year programs. Register through our Family Portal: https://bit.ly/FamilyPortalLogin. Need more info? Reach out for local support here: https://bit.ly/ELCOffices 



Reproductive Health and Disease Education

Florida HB 545 acknowledges parent rights to review the instructional materials related to reproductive health and disease and submit a written exemption from the teaching of reproductive health and disease instruction. Find more information on the OCSD website at https://www.okaloosaschools.com/parents/hb545

School Performance Plan

STEMM's School Performance Plan (SPP) for the 21-22 school year was approved at the September School Advisory Council meeting. You can read a pdf of the SPP here. 

After-school Clubs, Teams, and Tutoring

If your child is staying after school for a club, team, or tutoring, they must have a written transportation note on file with the office. All transportation notes must be turned in before 11:00. You can send one note to cover all club and team meetings for the school year. A blanket form is available on the STEMM website at https://bit.ly/STEMMTransportation.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday TBA
FLL - Pink, 2-4:30

Philosophy Club - Cheon, 2-3

Environmental Club - Langshaw, 3rd Tuesday, 2-4

Anime Club - Rogers/Son, third Wednesdays, 2-4

Academic Team - Flynn, 2-3:30

Book Club - Puffer,  last Thursday, 2-3

S2S - Russ/Pink, first Thursday, 2-3

FLL - Pink, 2-4:30

Art Club - 2-3:30

Social Club - Pink, 2-4

FTC - Pink

Drone Team - Pink

Students are welcome to attend any or all tutoring sessions with any teacher. Students should come with specific questions. Geometry retakes are only on Thursdays with Ms. Imboden. Along with your transportation note, please email the teacher to let them know you are coming: Brittany.Warthen@okaloosaschools.com Catherine.Imboden@okaloosaschools.com Gordon.Brown@okaloosaschools.com 

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Math - Warthen, 2-2:30 Math - Brown, 2-2:30 Math - Imboden, 2-2:30

School Meals

The USDA has announced that ALL students -- regardless of family income -- will be able to have a free breakfast and lunch at their school during the 2021 - 2022 school year! This is for the basic breakfast and lunch offered. For lunch, students may still purchase a la carte items. Despite this period of free breakfast and lunch offerings, we need families to continue to complete the application for Free/Reduced Lunch to ensure federal funding for needed programs in the future. An online application is available HERE.


Student Insurance

In collaboration with Fowinkle School Insurance Agency, OCSD is recommending a Student Accident Insurance option that is a one-time payment, per child, per school year. More details are available at schoolinsuranceofflorida.com.

OCSD Career and Technical Education


   Click on the CTE logo to explore the programs offered by OCSD and information on the local job market.

The CTE program is an innovative, award-winning program that allows secondary students to earn high school credits. coolege credits, scholarships, and professional industry certifications - all at the same time and at no cost to the student.  Okaloosa County School District Career and Tehcnical education offers programs in many different areas of study.    Their programs are open to all students in the district. 

CTE works as a critical link in transitioning secondary students into successful, high-skill, high-wage careers in the workforce or into postsecondary educational opportunities.  The CHOICE team's foucs is career readiness because the workforce-ready student is in high demand.





For more information about the STEMM Academy or STEMM Academy programs, please contact Scheree Martin, Principal, at (850) 833-4120 or martins@okaloosaschools.com



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