Silver Sands Faculty & Staff


* Indicates Grade Level Chairperson

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 Mrs. Stephanie Wheat, Principal

 Mrs. Suzy Bourgeois, Assistant Principal

Department Teachers

Pre-Academic Elementary

Pre-Academic Secondary

 Mrs. Cheryl Rushing*

 Ms. Carla Sizemore

 Ms. Michelle Vaden


 Ms. Aavery Floyd


 Ms. Devan Hines

Mrs. Cori Henry*

 Ms. Robin Chapman

 Ms. Kim Norton

Brigid Findley 


  Ms. Kristin McCallister

Kelly Axt

Academic Intermediate

High School/ School-to-Work

Ms. Ingrid McDaniel

 Ms. Susan Moore


 Desiree Scholl

  Mrs. Jana Lou Mills *

Ms. Heather Barrow

 Ms. Kim Goble

 Ms. Shannon Hudson


Special Area Teachers

  Ms. Marian Gilmore
Science/Growth House Teacher

 Mr. Paul Edgeworth
Inspirational Arts Teacher

 Mr. Jamie Parker
Adapted PE Teacher


Other Faculty and Staff

 Ms. April Taylor-Temple
Guidance Counselor

Ms. Mandi Prescott
Behavior Interventionist

  Ms. Gena Rhodes

Mrs. Melissa Harrelson
Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher

  Ms. Sarah Brehsears

 Mrs. Vicki Fields

 Dr. Anita Dunn
Staffing Specialist

 Mrs. Lisa Roberts

 Ms. Shay Kalayjian
School Psychologist

 Ms. Valerie Perkins

 Ms. Jaqynne Diamond
School Social Worker

 Ms. Christa Bass
Behavior Support Para

 Mrs. Yolonda Washington
OT Therapist

Carrie Burke
OT Therapist

 Ms. Paige Laughlin
PT Therapist

Deborah Hutson
PT Therapist


Reporting Educator Misconduct