Boys Basketball Tryouts 2020-2021

Grade Tryout Dates Tryout Times Location
6th Grade November 13 3:00pm-4:30pm Gym
7th & 8th Grade November 16 & 17 3:00pm-5:00pm Gym

Good Morning,


I trust you and your family are doing well. Obviously, there is a lot going on currently, and I know much more important than basketball.

We will not have basketball workouts this summer. I’ve been in MS since ’98 and this is the first summer we haven’t had workouts and Summer League. Summer workouts and Summer League were going on long before I got here………..It has been a part of our program that I think has given us an advantage, and I regret not having you in this summer.

We need you to work on the game! The skills and drills that we do concentrate on the big 5, shooting, passing, dribbling, defense, boxing out and rebounding. Our tryouts will be announced in October, and it is your job to be ready, and be the best you can be. Work hard and get better, come in better than last year.

Those in for football this summer, and I encourage all of you to, if you like the game, tryout and participate, and I’ll see you around the school. Enjoy your summer, and help out around the house without being ask. Do your JOB and more!


I look forward to seeing you soon,

Coach Buckelew


Summer Basketball Workouts 


AT THIS TIME, WE WILL NOT WORK OUT AT SCHOOL. Hopefully, restrictions will be lifted concerning the virus soon, and we’ll be able to work out. Please check our website for updates/changes. If you plan on coming to Summer Workouts, please email: Girls- Boys-

Form Shots- 1 and 2 hand (Elbow under ball, wrinkles in wrist, air under ball, after shot-elbow over eye level, wrist broken)****May be Most Important Drill listed**

Lay-up Drill (left/right handed, ball on platter, high)

Dot Shots (inside heal, square, jump, score)

Shooting off Dribble- head fake drive shot/head fake drive, head fake shot- (go to left and right, remember to dribble with your left if going left)

Pivot and Pass -Remember to fake your pass

Off and Def Rebounding (O-keep ball over head, D-chin & squeeze ball, elbows out)

Ball Handling- Cross Over, Between Legs, Around Back

Shooting off Pass-back spin ball, heel down, shot, rebound

Block Shooting- straddle notch above block, back spin, chin, square and score off the board

FREE THROWS 100 a day several times a day

POST PLAYERS- work 15 feet and in (Short Corner/High Post)

PERIMETER PLAYERS- work 15 feet and maybe out

MAN OFFENSE-girls draw up Passing Game, boys-Flex

Sprints-10 across the back yard and back

Jog- Mile and a half in under 12 minutes (w/parent permission)