The MFLC program contact number at Shoal River Middle School is 850-417-4278.

Military families face unique challenges. They may struggle with issues such as deployment-related stress, reintegration and pressures of managing parenting and finances while a loved one is deployed.

The MFLC program provides support to military families facing these or additional challenges. In addition, the MFLC program:  • Provides short-term, non-medical counseling services to service members and their families at no cost • Provides psycho-education to help military service members and their families understand the impact of deployments, family reunions following deployments and other stresses related to the military life     • Augments existing military support services • Offers flexible service delivery • Can provide services to individuals, couples, families and groups

With the exception of child abuse, domestic abuse and duty to warn situations services are private and confidential.

NON-MEDICAL COUNSELING SERVICES PROVIDED: Anger management, communication skills, relationship issues, conflict resolution, parenting, decision-making skills, deployment stress, coping skills, homesickness, relocation adjustment, reintegration, separation, building resiliency, sadness, grief and loss

Consent forms to participate in the MFLC program can be obtained in the guidance department.

MFLC services are delivered to students during their elective class periods. Students who wish to make an appointment with the MFLC can fill out REQUESTS to see the Military Counselor. Request forms can be obtained in the guidance department at SRMS.