Teacher & Staff Email List

Ruckel Middle School Principal
Paul Whiddon

Faculty & Staff

Harvey, N.
Hastings, T.
Holavack, A.
Johnson, R.
Jones, Kim
Kempton, A.
Kirila, C.
Kittell, S.
Koger, S.
Lennon, S.
Long, L.
Love, A.
Love, S.
Marello. A.
Marshall, A.
Mayville, J.
McClay, J.
McSheehy, B.
Sawyer, B.
Simpson, J.
Sloan, J.
Smith, A.
Smith, M.
Sotelo, D.
Swain, M.
Swain, L.
Swords, M.
Szklarski, C.
Tabor, S.
Tomassetti, M.
Vargo, J.
Waldhour, B.
Wargo, A.
Watson, G.
Watson, S.
Yen, J.

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