Car Rider Ramp Policy

When dropping off students in the morning or picking them up in the afternoon, parents must follow the directions of the staff members assisting in the car rider ramp.

Please pull ALL THE WAY FORWARD before stopping. When cars do not pull all the way up then it creates a delay for those behind them and causes an unsafe backup of cars on Partin Drive – a situation that must be avoided.

Additionally, students are not allowed to walk unaccompanied out into the parking lot to meet their ride.

If you must park, then you must come up to the cross walk to escort your student to your car.

Do NOT use the parking lot at St. Jude's Episcopal Church for pick up or drop off. We have multiple pick up points on Ruckel property. If everyone follows proper procedures, the traffic flow will be more efficient.

Please help us keep our students safe and expedite traffic flow in the car rider ramp.








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Last Updated April 24, 2020