Fifth Grade Music at Riverside

This Nine Weeks we:

  • This last nine weeks, we began to play the GUITAR. Students began with two easy chords and used them to accompany America’s song “Horse with No Name”. Next, they learned the three chords that go with Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. In learning
  • these chords, we also learned the basics of reading guitar tabs – a new kind of musical notation.

Every 5th Grader participates in a Music Class for 30 minutes once a week. All Music Lessons are based upon the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Music. Students will be participating in building on the foundation set in the past 5 years of Music classes at Riverside! 

All 5th Grade Students will be given the opportunity to participate in the Riverside Chorus, which is for boys and girls who would like to participate in singing throughout the year. (See the CHORUS link on the MUSIC page for specific CHORUS performance opportunities).  Riverside fifth graders are also welcome to join the afternoon Orff Ensemble (see the ORFF ENSEMBLE link on the MUSIC page for more information).

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Suggs if you have any questions about the Music Curriculum at Riverside Elementary.