The prices are as follows for 2017-2018:

~Student Breakfast $1.80

~Adult Breakfast $2.25

~Student Lunch $2.70

~Adult Lunch $4.00

~Reduced Breakfast $0.30

~Reduced Lunch $0.40

~Milk $0.65

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School Meal Charge Guidelines

The Okaloosa County School District (“OCSD”) does not establish open accounts for students to charge school meals. However, research shows that students perform better academically when nutritional needs are met. To this end, OCSD strives to ensure all students have an opportunity to eat school breakfast and lunch. In the event a student does not have money to pay for a school meal, the student will be provided a “reimbursable meal” which will be charged to the student’s school lunch account. A la carte items may not be charged. When a student reaches an unpaid account balance of $12 efforts to collect on the account will begin. The Cafeteria Manager will first send home written notification requesting payment of a student’s unpaid account balance. If collection is unsuccessful, then weekly phone calls will be made to the parent’s or guardian’s main contact phone number for up to three weeks. Next the principal will begin attempts to collect the delinquent account balance. If a student still has a delinquent account balance after the previous collection efforts, OCSD may pursue further collection actions to collect outstanding charges. Students with delinquent account balances will be allowed to purchase meals or a la carte items but any change due back to the student will be applied to the delinquent account balance. Charges not paid by the end of the school year will be carried forward to the next school year. In accordance with USDA Policy SP-58-2016 OCSD reserves the right to refuse meal service to students with excessive debt after reasonable attempts have been made to collect unpaid charges. 

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