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The Okaloosa County School Board supports computer technology learning for students of all grades and academic levels and has been a state leader in providing students with computer and Internet access. All Okaloosa schools have at least one computer for every five students registered. Student computers run on the Windows platform and have Internet access. Every five years, the computers are collected and new ones delivered in their place.

Students are encouraged to use the school's computer for project research and presentations. They are asked to read and sign an "Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources" form at the beginning of the year, to ensure that the computers are used properly and that all students can benefit from having them in the classroom.

For students who would like to further their studies of Information Technology, the Career and Technical Education program offers classes in web design, programming and more. Many middle schools and all high schools offer these courses, which allow students to earn high school credit and Microsoft certification. Advanced courses allow students to earn CISCO, Oracle, Adobe and Macromedia certification.

Ask your guidance counselor for the classes which are available at your school.


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