Fort Walton Beach High School Leadership Program

Fort Walton Beach HS was the first school in the county to offer Leadership classes. Under the guidance of teacher Barbara Britt, students learn to create and manage community service projects and prepare their resume' and portfolio for college and work.

The projects these classes complete have made a big difference for local families in need, disabled students and servicemen employed overseas.

Viking Leadership students earned $220,000 in scholarships in just one year - not counting Bright Futures!

Students study The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey, helping them develop the skills required for success.

College Preparation

  • Resume building that stands out
  • Portfolio creation that documents leadership and service skills
  • Scholarship applications that help make college more affordable
  • "Rolodex" development that keeps track of connections for a lifetime of community service

Key Projects:

Disaster Relief
Hurricane Ivan: Set up store at school to provide food and emergency supplies; cleaned up 20 houses in three days, provided all clean-up supplies.

Hurricane Katrina: First response efforts included delivering food, water and supplies to local families; sent four truckloads of supplies to Gulf Port, MS; adopted high school in MS - donating 500 pairs of jeans, T-shirts and school supplies.

Enterprise AL Tornado: Sent relief by next day, including food, water, baby supplies and emergency supplies; gave $6000 check to Enterprise HS; brought 75 students, six parents and a nurse to clean up debris on street full of elderly people; donated $1400 to needy and YMCA; organized blood drive at FWBHS, which brought 91 units to their community. 

Community Service
Troop Adoption: 
Sent box of wants and needs to 150 "adopted" servicemen serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Christmas Connection: Each year, we prepare Christmas for up to 50 families, including 10 days of food, a traditional Christmas meal, $100 worth of gifts for each child, bicycles or tricycles for each child, family night out dinner and entertainment, and even help with utilities, rent and auto repair.

Silver Sands School: We put on a fashion show for the girls and teach the boys etiquette just before prom and assist with prom by decorating school facility, escorting students, dancing, serving dinner and cleaning up. We also organize an Easter Egg Hunt at the school.

Feeding the Homeless: Every third Saturday, we feed about 60 men, women and children at the homeless shelter.

Peer Mediation (Art Smart): Students from Pre-K to middle school are helped to progress to the next grade level.

Too Good for Drugs: We participate in this six-week statewide program for Florosa Elementary School students.

Children in Crisis: We donate a book or a small suitcase to every child to take with them when they leave the crisis center. We are doing a school-wide garage sale to raise funds for the home.

Junior League Back-to-School Program: We assist the Junior League, helping them dress and entertain young children who need school clothes.

Elderly Adoption: We help make life easier for our "adopted" friends by doing yard work, shopping for groceries, cleaning and taking them on outings.

Unity Project 2008: After the death of a Niceville football player, the Leadership team worked with Niceville HS leaders to gather 600 students for a time of healing.

Family Aid: Throughout the year, needy families receive help for grocery money, utilities payments and car repairs.

School Service

Pep Rallies: The Leadership team is responsible for running 11 hour-long pep rallies a year.

Keep Spirit Alive: We organize hall contests, hall decorating, bulletin boards, class contests to raise money and more - doing all we can to bring the school together.

Viking Crew: We help set up athletic events with signs, run-throughs, spirit lines and promoting spirit in the stands.