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Academic Team

The Plew Academic Team does a fine job of representing our school. Plew has a proud tradition of hard work and success that has seen our team earning upper place finishes in both Knowledge Master and Florida Thinking Cap for many years! The team is coached by fifth-grade teacher Mike Scrivner, who helps the A-Team practice for these contests.

Plew's Academic Team forms in September and is made up of fifth-grade students who are recommended by their teachers. They must exhibit academic excellence, positive attitudes, and good general knowledge.

Team members spend about 40 to 50 hours preparing for the Knowledge Master Open Competitions in January and March, as well as the Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl in February. Each team competes from their own school, where they type a special password into the computer and begin answering the questions during a timed period. They answer as a team, using only paper, pencils and their own super-charged brains to work together and figure out the correct responses!

Visit the Knowledge Master website for more information on this national program -- or just to check out some of the fun quizzes For information on Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl, visit their site.










2011 - 2012

2011-2012 team members include: Adam Mistretta, Angus Atkins, Arianna Wittic, Campbell Taylor, Chase Penton, Delaney Hughes, Derek Vogel, Gilliah Bode, Jason Stukbauer, Joshua Riley, Katie Lightfoot, Kylee Hodgen, Matthew Murphey, Riana Smeltz, Ryan Alford, Sarah Markwardt, Sierra Moore, Stephen Dubben, William Murray, Xavier Graham.


1st Place in Florida/5th nationally, January 2011 Knowledge Master Open

1st in Florida/10th nationally, March 2012 Knowledge Master Open


2010 - 2011

Plew Elementary's Knowledge Masters team poses with Superintendent Dr. Alexis Tibbetts; School Board Member, Melissa Thrush; Principal, David Larrimore; and Michael Scrivner, Plew’s Knowledge Masters Team coach.


2010-2011 team members include: Abbey Ammons, Annesleigh Salter, Chris Halprin, Emma Ladd, Katrin Woods, Maddie Huston, Madison Childress, Mandy Martin, Meredith Freeman, Julia Freeman, Ryan Murphey, Wesley Krist, Zac Verzwyvelt, Austin Jacobs.


1st Place in Florida/10th nationally, January 2010 Knowledge Master Open


Academic Team 2007

2007 - 2008

2007-2008 team members were:
Seated, Matthew Weis. Standing, first row, Jordan Phillpott, Hunter Stelck, Kelly Stukbauer, Sam Traver, Maddie Hsiang, Erin Murphey, CJ Lightfoot; second row, Margaret Jacobs, Sophia Bergmann, Hudson Pearce, Alexa Verzwyvelt, Michael Thurber, coach Michael Scrivner, Chloë Dubben, Meghan Simpson, Elisa Elsesser, Josh Winkler, and Jake Hughes


1st Place in Florida/4th nationally, January 2008 Knowledge Master Open
1st Place in Florida/4th in the southeast, 2008 Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl
1st Place in Florida/8th nationally, 
March 2008 Knowledge Master Open

Academic Team 2006

2006 - 2007


With coach Jim Castleman, the 2006-2007 team members were Drew Barthel, Alexandria Bikker, David Bobbitt, Logan Brewer, Tori Coleman, Bekah Frisbee, Monica Hsiang, Kristi King, Haylee Knight, Matthew Markwardt, Andrew Moore, Alexander Russ, and Ryan Wallace.


2nd Place in Florida, January 2007 Knowledge Master Open
1st Place in the Southeastern U.S. in the 2007 Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl
4th Place in Florida, March 2007 Knowledge Master Open


2005 - 2006

Academic Team 2005


With coach Jim Castleman, the 2005-2006 team members were Victoria Verzwyvelt, Kimy Sara, Anna Gugliemino, Georgia Pearce, Nick Wyatt, Connor Gilkeson, Courtney Testa, Ronette Kortbein, Ashley Helms, Colt Neely and Kevin Fick.


4th Place in Florida, January 2006 Knowledge Master Open
2nd Place in Florida, February 2006 Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl
1st Place in Florida, March 2006 Knowledge Master Open