My Child’s Grades & Scores

1. Grades Online:

Grades Online provides timely student performance information parents can use to stay fully involved with their child's academic progress. 

To access your student's grades, you will need two numbers.  The first number is the 10 digit student identification number.  The second number is the Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Check with your student’s school for that information.

Grades Online - Parent Portal

2. Gradebook Email Notification

Email Notification allows parents to keep track of their student's grades by email.

  • Log on to Grades Online with your child’s student ID and PIN code straight from this website. (See above.)
  • Scroll to the bottom of your child’s grade report information and enter your email address to begin the registration process
  • Choose the grade report, criteria and notification thresholds
  • Submit the request. You will receive a validation email that provides an authorization link for your confirmation of the request. NOTE* You must click on the link to complete the registration process
  • Print, complete and submit the signed authorization form to the school’s administration office
  • A school administrator will process your request

Once authorized by the school, you will begin receiving emails based on your selections.

Grades Online - Parent Portal

3. Parent Star - FCAT and PMP Data Viewer

This resource gives parents the opportunity to view their student's FCAT and/or PMPs (formerly AIP's.)

Ask your school for the user name and password.

Parent Star