Classroom and Professional Development Grants


Classroom and Professional Development Mini-Grants

The Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation, in cooperation with CHELCO and the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations (CFEF), is proud to announce the request for proposals for Classroom and Professional Development Grants. A generous donation from CHELCO and other contributions from the community which have been matched, dollar-for-dollar by CFEF, make this grant opportunity possible.  Grants of up to $500 - $1500 each will be awarded to successful applicants.

Who may apply?

Instructional staff of the Okaloosa County School District may apply for a Grant.

What are the eligible funding areas?

  • Classroom Grants must address one or more of the STEM initiatives at any grade level or Literacy at any grade level.
  • Professional Development Grants will be awarded in any subject area, at any grade level.

What activities are permitted?

Classroom Instructional Grants will support the following types of proposals for STEM or Literacy:

  • Development and implementation of innovative instructional activities or programs;
  • Expansion of an existing instructional program to include more students; and,
  • Purchase of materials, equipment or supplies to establish a new program or to enhance an existing program.

Professional Development Grants will support the following in any subject area:

  • Registration fees;
  • Travel, including mileage, housing and meals; and,
  • Required training/conference materials.

How will recipients be selected?

Grant proposals will be evaluated by a Selection Committee drawn from the Members of the Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation Board of Directors.  The evaluation process will be “blind” for the Committee.  The name of the applicant and the name of his or her school must appear ONLY on the application cover page.  There should be no identifying information in the body of the proposal.

What if the author of a funded Mini-Grant proposal transfers to another school?

Since instructional projects will be funded to expand and enhance the instructional opportunities for a specific group of students, the funded Classroom Grant would remain at the school.  Professional Development Grants would transfer with the instructional staff member.

What are the restrictions on budget categories/items?

  • For Classroom Grants, allowable costs are equipment, supplies and materials to support the proposed project.  Computer equipment, software, peripherals and other appropriate technology are allowable.  Salaries and stipends are NOT allowable expenditures.
  • For Professional Development Grants, travel costs, registration and required training or conference materials are allowable costs.

What is a complete application?

A complete application consists of:

  • the cover page with all required signatures;
  • the grant narrative of no more than three (3) pages; and,
  • the budget form, totaling no more than $500.


Grant applications are not being accepted at this time.

When will recipients be announced?


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Grant applications are not being accepted at this time.