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  • What other Online Translation tools are available?
    • Google Translate offers document translation, camera scanning features, and conversation / voice-to-text translation support. Microsoft Translate is embedded in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Highlight the text you desire to translate, select REVIEW from the top menu, choose language and select TRANSLATE. Please remember, online translation tools are not 100% reliable, but they do offer needed support for a family’s home language needs.
  • Do I have access to a student’s ELL Plan?
    • Yes, the student’s ELL Plan is available through the PAWS student dashboard. ELL Plans will be annually updated by September 30.
  • Are language support tools embedded in Accelerate / Edgenuity?
    • Yes, point-of-need translation tools, audio translation, text-to-speech, and other direct vocabulary supports are embedded in Accelerate and Edgenuity platforms.
  • Does the district Help Desk offer technical support for families who speak languages other than English?
    • Yes, the district Help Desk employs a Spanish-speaking interpreter and also has access to phone-based interpreters to serve multiple languages. The Help Desk number is850.897.2966.