Afternoon Car Riders Reminders 2020

Kindergarten and First Grades

  • A car rider tag is required. We will not check identification in the car line.
  • Parents should remain in the car at all times.
  • We will load students on the passenger side only.
  • If your child cannot buckle his/her seatbelt, feel free to pull up a couple cars past the line (a car length past where the sheriff’s car is parked) and assist your child. Do not stop the line.  Parents not wanting to do this, may change students to parent pick-up in the gym. Just send a note to your child’s teacher.
  • Once we do not have any cars left, the remaining students will be taken to the office to wait for parents.  Parents will need to walk to the office with either the car rider tag or ID.
  • Beginning September 14, at 3:15, we will take students to daycare at a cost of $7 per child. 
  • If you have questions or suggestions, please email Dr. Donna at or call 689-7252. 


ID is required for ALL student check outs and for ALL visitors.

All student transportation changes must be in writing.  No changes will be accepted over the phone.

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Important Dates

Aug. 31 First Day of School for Students
Sept. 7 Labor Day Holiday
Oct. 30 End of 1st Grading Period
Nov. 2 Teacher Workday / Student Holiday
Nov. 11 Veterans Day Holiday
Nov. 25-27 Thanksgiving Holidays
Dec. 21 - Jan. 1 Christmas Holidays
Jan. 18 Marting Luther King Jr. Holiday
Jan. 22 End of 2nd Grading Period
Jan. 25 Teacher Workday / Student Holiday
Feb. 15 President's Day Holiday
March 26 End of 3rd Grading Period
March 29 Teacher Workday / Student Holiday
April 19-23 Spring Break Holidays
May 31 Memorial Day Holiday
June 1 5th Grade Field Day
June 2 3rd Grade Field Day
June 3 4th Grade Field Day
June 4 2nd Grade Field Day
June 7 1st Grade Field Day
June 8 Kindergarten Field Day
June 9 Last Day for Students