Elementary 3-31-2020

  1. ClassLink access to Odysseyware should be working; we are finding that some users are not waiting for the Single-Sign On process to complete (up to 10 seconds) when they click on the Odysseyware App in ClassLink before attempting to move forward or closing the app and assuming the SSO does not work. 

  <<<<Odysseyware student app in ClassLink

  1. If waiting does not resolve the issue and the student is stuck at the Odysseyware site, they can get through by entering their One Okaloosa ID/username (but in all lowercase letters).  The password for Odysseyware is the word student, which also must be lowercase.  This username and password configuration is specific to Odysseyware and will not work anywhere else.  Again, try waiting up to 7 seconds when clicking the Odysseyware link in ClassLink before trying this method.



  1. On a district iPad, students should access ClassLink using the app that is installed on the device, not by going to ClassLink through the internet.


  1. In addition, iPad users who are using their personal device may need to download the Classlink Launchpad app from the App Store.


  1. Once a student is logged in to Odysseyware, if they actually click the sign out button, the single sign on will not work the next time.  The student should just click the X at the top right of the page if they are a single user of the device and that will keep Odysseyware working for them.


  1. For those using personal laptops, they may need to download the Chrome browser extension if they are using Chrome. They may also need to install the Classlink OneClick extension (from Google Chrome)  found here:


  1. For Chromebooks, if a student has a district-issued Chromebook but has never logged in to one on the network during the school year, they will not be able to log in at home.  SOLUTION – The school may take any Chromebook and log in as the student on the network (student does not have to bring the exact chromebook back to school).  Tell the student/parent to wait twenty (20) minutes and try to log in again. We are handling this issue when it is called in to the help desk.



If multiple students are using the same iPad, they must sign out of ClassLink before the next student can use the device.


To sign out -


    HELP DESK 897-2966



ID is required for ALL student check outs and for ALL visitors.

All student transportation changes must be in writing.  No changes will be accepted over the phone.

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Important Dates

Aug. 5 VPK Parent Orientation 6:00-7:00 RM 418
Aug. 5 K Parent Orientation 6:00-7:00 MPR
Aug. 9 Open House
  VPK @ 12:00
  K-1 @ 12:00-1:00
  2-5 @1:00-2:00
Aug. 10 First Day of School for Students
Aug. 19 Wear Red
Aug. 26 Wear Yellow
Sept. 6 Labor Day Holiday
Sept. 9 Wear Blue
Sept. 16 Wear Green
Sept. 20 Grandparent's Day 1:30PM
Sept. 23 Wear Orange
Sept. 30 Wear Purple
Oct. 7 Wear Gray
Oct. 8 End of 1st Grading Period
Oct. 11 Teacher Workday / Student Holiday
Oct. 14 Science Night 6:00PM
Oct. 18-22 Book Fair
Oct. 21 Wear White
Oct. 28 Wear Brown
Nov. 4 Wear Pink
Nov. 11 Veterans Day Holiday
Nov. 18 Wear Black
Nov. 19 Turkey Trot
Nov. 22-26 Thanksgiving Holidays
Dec. 2 Wear Rainbow Colors
Dec. 17 End of 2nd Grading Period
Dec. 20-Jan. 5 Christmas Holidays
Jan. 3 Teacher Workday / Student Holiday
Jan. 4 Teacher PD Day / Student Holiday
Jan. 5 Students Return to School
Jan. 17 Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
Feb. 8 Science Night 6:00 PM
Feb. 21 President's Day Holiday
Feb. 25 Donuts with Grownups!
March 5 Literacy Night 6:00 PM
March 18 School Picnic
March 18 End of 3rd Grading Period
March 21-25 Spring Break Holidays
March 28 Teacher Workday / Student Holiday
March 29 Students Return to School
April 5 Literacy Night 6:00 PM
April 6 Kick-Off Fun Run
April 15 Fun Run
May 3 Art Night 6:00 PM
May 12-13 Water Days
May 16 5th Grade Field Day
May 17 4th Grade Field Day
May 18 3rd Grade Field Day
May 19 2nd Grade Field Day
May 20 1st Grade Field Day
May 23 Kindergarten Field Day
May 25 5th Grade Program
May 25 Last Day for Students
May 30 Memorial Day Holiday